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 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is How You Do EVERYTHING!

Sheree provides executive coaching, workshop training, and strategy consulting to support you in integrating DEI best practices holistically.


Word around town

Ali Leitan
Head of Strategic Business Development & Innovation, General Assembly

"Sheree is a dynamic force who champions a more inclusive and equitable world through her role at Google and beyond. I was thrilled to have Sheree speak at GA’s International Women’s Day event and the way that she engaged the standing room only room! At GA, she was able to use stories from her personal journey to relate to a diverse audience of women and underrepresented groups and share applicable steps to create a better future."


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“In our privileges, we are all continuously hurting each other.” It was the first time I had seen any EDI speaker really break down the fourth wall and engage with their audience as equals. I was doubly amazed because there seems nothing harder, nothing that conjures more defense or stonewalling, than making listeners think critically about their own privilege, and Sheree had somehow done it en masse. It goes without saying, after the Summit, Sheree’s name was heard giddishly exchanged among team and audience members alike. She had stolen the show."


 Léa Colgado
Founder of Women of Silicon Valley
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Amy West Chambers
Victim Advocate, Voices Against Violence

“Sheree has a unique ability to bring about self reflection in regards to very difficult content such as race and diversity. Her words carry such power and she shares her knowledge in such a way that it truly inspires others to want to "do better'. I have always considered myself an ally but have realized how far I have to go. Thank you Sheree for showing me ways that I can do better and teaching me when to stand and when to sit to give space to others"

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                                                  is a professional speaker and seasoned diversity strategist with over                                                      a decade of experience working across multiple industries. Her life        experience as a multi-racial (Black, Hispanic, Apache) lesbian woman provides her with the empathy to keep her work human-centered, while her career working at companies like Google and Wayfair keep her anchored to a data-driven approach. 


Sheree specializes in executive coaching, strategic development, and workshop training


Her philosophy is that every person has a role to play in creating an equitable workplace and world. Coupling proper training with accountability, she is able to dismantle oppressive systems to better create inclusive environments. 

Sheree is an Advisory Board member for the world’s largest professional LGBTQ+ organization, Lesbians Who Tech + Allies. Current sponsors of this organization can inquire about a discounted rate.


Wherever you and/or your company are at in your journey of inclusion, Sheree is eager to meet you there and support your growth.


What do I need to know?

Interactive learning with practical application and takeaways. Workshops are created to accommodate people of varying levels of DEI expertise as well as cross-functionally.  *These can be adapted to accommodate larger audiences.


What's the plan?

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion do not happen without intentional action. Strategic Consulting is for leaders of teams, departments, and/or companies who need support in identifying key focus areas and creating a strategy, OKR's, or a roadmap.


What is your role?

People are now held more accountable for the impact they have on employees, consumers, their family, and the world. 1:1 Coaching is a great place to start when you don't know where to or just need support in your next step. 


Thank you for your submission.

We will be in touch soon!

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